Avoid Childhood Cavities: Baby Bottle Do’s and Don’ts

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August 1, 2016
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October 1, 2016
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Avoid Childhood Cavities: Baby Bottle Do’s and Don’ts

Childhood cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease and they are almost completely preventable. A great place to start preventing childhood cavities is in your child’s baby bottle.

Follow these do’s and don’ts to keep your infant cavity free:

Don’t Put Sugary Drinks In Your Child’s Bottle

It is not suggested to put sugary drinks such as juice or sports drinks in your infant’s bottle. Large amounts of sugar can cause tooth decay and more dental issues as their teeth begin to come in.

Wipe Their Mouth Out After Meals

With a clean damp cloth wipe your child’s mouth out 15 minutes after each meal. By doing this you are freeing their mouth of sugar and debris that can lead to cavities.

Don’t Put Them to Bed with a Bottle

A bedtime bottle may be comforting to your infant, but when left in your child’s mouth the sugar from breast milk, formula, and milk can be destructive to their gums and developing teeth.

Let Them Have a Drink Before Bed

Letting them have a good long drink before bedtime could be a good way to get them off the bedtime bottle.

Don’t Heat Their Bottle in the Microwave

Microwaves are convenient, but they can heat formula unevenly and it can get too hot to drink. This can lead to serious burns in your child’s mouth. In addition, the heat from the microwave can damage and wear plastic baby bottles.

Heat Their Bottle in a Pot of Warm Water

The best way to warm bottled formula or milk is to run it under warm water or in a pot of water on the stove. Before you give the bottle to your infant make sure you check the temperature by placing a dab on the inside of your forearm.

Don’t Let Them Walk Around With Their Bottle

As your child begins walking they will also begin falling, this is why you should not let them walk around with their bottle. Avoid any accidents by having them sit down before they take a drink.

Teach Them to Drink From a Cup Without a Lid

When your child begins walking, you should start to wean them off their bottle. The good way to wean them is by transitioning to a sippy cup or letting them drink from a cup without a lid.

Check Up on Cavities Every Six Months

The best way to prevent childhood tooth decay is to find a pediatric dentist before their first birthday. Once you have found a dentist make to schedule a visit every six months to ensure their gums and teeth are staying clean.