Take Care of Your Child’s Mouth During Sports

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April 4, 2016
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Take Care of Your Child’s Mouth During Sports

The coming of spring brings green grass, the ice cream truck, and baseball. Kids start to play outside, whether it’s soccer, field hockey, or football, these sports can cause injuries to your child’s mouth and teeth. Even non-contact sports like gymnastics or basketball are dangerous to the growing teeth and bones. According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, facial injuries to females outnumber that of males. This may be because that sports which are traditionally male-dominated already require mouth guards. Protect your child’s mouth and face with a mouth guard.

What Type of Mouth Guard Is Right?

The sport your child is in may dictate the type of mouth guard he/she needs. There are three main types of mouth guards:

  • Ready-made
  • Custom
  • Over-the-counter boil and bite

The American Dental Association recommends one that is comfortable and resistant to tearing. A custom made mouth guard is the most comfortable, but it may not be in your budget. Talk to our team to find a solution that is suitable for your child. It’s much easier and less expensive to be proactive in taking care of teeth than having to restore them later.

If Your Child Is Injured

Even with precautions, injuries can happen. Kids can forget to use the mouth guard. Or they might have a loose tooth that is knocked out with the slightest pressure. Mouth guards are the best protection against facial injury, but if your son or daughter is injured during play, you should get them medical attention right away. Don’t wait until the end of the game, not matter how much they protest.

Make sure the coach of the team has your emergency contact information as well as your dentist and doctor’s name and information. In addition, the coach should stress the importance of wearing the protective gear during practice and play. Sports give many benefits to your child, but you don’t want injuries to cast a shadow on those advantages they gain. If your child suffers any dental injuries during their sports season, call Walker Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an emergency care appointment.