Preventive Dental Care Services

Preventive dental care has the biggest impact during childhood, when teeth and gums are at their earliest stages of development. So, our dental services for kids in Salt Lake City at Walker Pediatric Dentistry focus on preventing cavities and the irregular growth of teeth. We offer professional treatments like cleanings and fluoride varnishes, x-rays, and oral hygiene instructions for parents to help kids improve oral care habits at home.

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A scheduled dental cleaning appointment (once every six months is recommended) perfectly complements your child’s daily oral care routine. Using an electric prophylactic toothbrush and toothpaste, our dentists remove any food deposits and plaque buildup from areas of your child’s teeth not normally accessible through regular brushing and flossing.

With regular, thorough dental cleanings, kids are at less risk of developing cavities that often lead to tooth damage.

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X-Ray Inspections and Assessments

X-ray examinations reveal a wealth of information about the teeth that isn’t visible from a dental magnifying glass. Should our initial examinations call for it, we’ll perform a dental x-ray to find any problems in areas like the gums and roots. We’ll check for growing teeth, too.

Our dentists will then check for any anomalies based on the x-ray results and the patient’s oral health history, such as signs of cavities or decay, and recommend the appropriate treatments to address them.

As a leading provider of child dental services in Utah, Walker Pediatric Dentistry is committed to delivering the best dental care to help your child maintain a beautiful smile and overall oral health.

After x-rays and cleanings, the dentist will visit your child for a quick exam. During the exam our dentists will look at the x-rays, review the oral health history, and use specialized tools to check for cavities or other signs of decay. If we see any potential problems, we’ll talk to you about the best way to address the issue to prevent damage or decay.

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Oral Hygiene Instruction

You have (hopefully) been brushing and flossing your own teeth every day, but a child’s oral health needs are different from adults, so our preventive dental services also include some oral health and hygiene instructions. Our clinic is accessible for patients coming from Sugar House, Murray, and Holladay.

Our pediatric dentists and dental office staff are specially trained to provide preventive dental care that can keep your child’s teeth healthy and protect their beautiful little smiles. Call us today to schedule your child’s six-month checkup and cleaning.