Restorative Dental Care Services

Sometimes, despite the best effort from parents to instill good oral care habits in their kids, youngsters still develop cavities or end up with broken or knocked out teeth. At Walker Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a host of restorative procedures as part of our child dental services in Utah to help recover those bright smiles.

Our restorative dental services include:

Dental Crowns – These are versatile options that add a bit more longevity to your child’s badly-decayed or damaged primary teeth. They come in stainless steel and resin variants.

Pulp Therapy – Also known as a pulpectomy, this procedure removes diseased tooth pulp to prevent further damage, mitigating the need to extract a tooth.

Extractions – This procedure becomes necessary when teeth have severe decay, are overcrowded, or damaged due to an injury.

Frenectomy – Otherwise known as the removal of the tissue (frenum) that grows between the two front upper teeth and causes a tooth gap, a frenectomy is not normally a life-threatening condition. Some parents or kids prefer to have the frenum removed, though.

boy getting checked

Most kids are apprehensive at the prospect of visiting the dentist, especially when it involves restorative treatments like extractions. To help put patients at ease during these important appointments, we deliver our dental services for kids in Salt Lake City in a comfortable environment staffed with pediatric dentistry professionals.

Walker Pediatric Dentistry restores your child’s teeth to good health, while making them feel safe and relaxed, knowing that they’re in the care of professionals they can trust.