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A frenectomy can be an unfamiliar procedure for most parents and kids, as they only apply to those who feel conscious about tooth gaps caused by the extended growth of the frenum tissue. We offer the procedure as part of our comprehensive dental services for kids in Salt Lake City.

What is the Frenum?

The frenum is the attachment of tissue that connects from the upper lip to the gum area between the upper front teeth. If the frenum extends too far down, it can push the teeth apart, forming a gap.

The Procedure

A frenectomy is a procedure that removes the excess frenum tissue to allow the upper front teeth to shift closer together. Our dentists will recommend and proceed with a frenectomy after they ascertain that it is the main cause of gap formation between teeth.

Aside from aesthetic concerns, a frenectomy might be deemed necessary because the extended frenum has caused an excessive buildup of plaque, decayed the area of the teeth where the tissue gets in between, or made eating and speaking difficult for the child.

Frenectomy and Orthodontics

There is a common question among those getting braces and are concerned about an extended frenum: get a frenectomy before permanent teeth grow in, or wait until the orthodontics push the teeth back together? It all depends on the orthodontist’s diagnosis. Waiting until after the braces do their work is generally ideal since there might be no need to remove the frenum if it wasn’t the cause of the gapped teeth in the first place.

Consult our pediatric dentists in Utah today to learn more about frenectomies and how they can help your child smile more brightly and confidently.