Don’t let the prospect of pain keep your child from looking forward to their next dental visit. Walker Pediatric Dentistry offers pain-free dental services in Salt Lake City, so your child gets the oral health care they need without the discomfort normally associated with it. You can trust our dentists to go the extra mile to ensure that your little one feels comfortable and anxiety-free on the dental chair.

Gentle and Compassionate Dental Services

Our goal is to create an environment that will make you and your child feel at ease. Before we start any treatment, we will give you an in-depth explanation of your treatment options and the associated costs. We will assuage your anxiety and fears and tailor our services to make your child feel safe at every stage of the process.

Innovative Treatments for Every Kid’s Ultimate Comfort

We use up-to-date equipment and technology to conduct pain-free procedures that entail shorter recovery periods. Your child won’t have to fear his or her next dental appointment because they won’t have to endure the unnerving vibration and uncomfortable pain of dental drills and traditional equipment.

Our anesthesia-free dental services includes our special Solea CO2 dental laser, which is virtually noiseless and anesthesia-free. Your kid will feel safe and relaxed so that he or she can enjoy having healthy teeth and gums after the dental procedure.

Helping Children Ease Dental Anxiety

We care about making your child’s mouth healthier and their smile more beautiful. We want to provide a dental experience free of anxiety and discomfort, freeing our Walker Pediatric Dentistry team to attend to your child’s oral health needs.

Our family-friendly practice will help if your child is prone to the following:

  • Anxiety from dental treatment
  • Discomfort from dental instrument sounds
  • Extreme teeth and gum sensitivity
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Dental phobia

Your kid will feel right at home in our family-friendly clinic. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.