kid getting treatment

Cavities are incredibly common tooth problems in kids — but they are also easily prevented. Daily brushing and flossing, fluoride treatments, and wise diet choices all contribute to healthy and bright pearly whites. For additional tooth protection, our child dental services in Salt Lake City include sealants for molar surfaces.

Sealing the Cracks

Molars, which are the main teeth used for chewing, have small fissures and grooves on their surfaces where plaque can accumulate. Even with constant brushing, you can fail to remove all traces of food scraps in these areas.

This is where sealants come in.

A sealant is a plastic material placed over a molar’s surface. It smoothens the tooth surface out and prevents plaque and bacteria from building up. It’s a simple procedure that needs no anesthetic and is the easiest way to prevent cavities in children’s teeth.

Filling Cavities

When cavities do form, it could cause significant pain to your child. And it will only get worse if left untreated. Our dental fillings are placed on cavities to treat the tooth’s decayed areas (as they don’t reach the pulp) and prevent it from growing.

Our team of pediatric dentists in Utah is experienced at dealing with children. We understand the anxiety kids might have during a procedure. So, we’ll brief kids on the process, and assure them that it’s not as scary or painful as it sounds. Moreover, we’ll use pediatric oral sedation techniques like laughing gas and other numbing agents to make the children as comfortable as possible.

Treating cavities and tooth decay shouldn’t be a scary experience for kids. At Walker Pediatric Dentistry, you and your child can be assured of the best dental care experience we can provide.